24 February 2011

Freeing Up Ourselves

Each one of us cares about our personal well-being. We want to attain a healthy mind, body and emotion. We seek for a meaning, we search for the truth, we want to feel at place with ourselves. Sometimes, being trapped in our own ‘world’ of tortures, we find ourselves stuck in some areas of our being.

Ways to undo it. Ways to find peace. Ways to attain true happiness.

The way how our mind is wired, the way how our body has experienced, the way how our emotions will be, that is, who we are, how we have perceived the world since the day we are born.

Along the journey, the road we have walked and taken, the path we tread upon, we are still on the on-going search of understanding ourselves and making meaning of our lives and what is going on.

Times where we may feel we are lost, times where we wonder, are we ever going to get out of the rut hole if we find ourselves in it. Our mind becomes so busy with the troubles at hand, we forget to unlock it but locked in the world of ourselves - our thoughts and feelings.

Our body reacts and responses. It can no longer bear the weight of the torments. It manifests and again we find ourselves constantly struggle and battling in seeking meaning to our lives.

Step by step, we search, we look, we hide, we cover, we mask, we pretend, we deny… we finally have the courage to uncover, to open ourselves up.

The first step is hard.

Something new, something profound, something interesting, something fearful, something unbearable, something hurts…

The day we unlocked the key to the mystery of ourselves, the day we free ourselves, the day we are open to the challenges in facing what is the truth that lies underneath us, a new growth, spirit, energy emerges. We find our mind no longer placed in a box but springs with wonder, excitement and discovery with inevitable elements of anxiety and nervousness.

It is new. It is unknown.

Like an infant understands the world and self by making and using his/her senses through the interaction with his/her mother, the people s/he encountered and the environment around him/her, we as adults like an infant, begins the new venture of finding a new us, a new life, a new information that we have never encountered before.

A new form has taken place. A new ‘Me’ is born. 

Let us enter into the new space of freeing ourselves up... the journey thus begins.
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