29 June 2010

Detachment and Compartmentalization

I find that the write out in the book "The Psychophysiology of Self-Awareness" by Alan Fogel is useful and would like to share it here from the extract of his book.

He has defined pathological dissociation, by following the lead of Homlmes et. al. (2005) in two basic forms: detachment and compartmentalization.

Detachment is "characterized by a sense of separation (or 'detachment') fom certain aspects of everyday experience, be it as their body (as in out-of-body experiences), their sense of self (as in depersonalization), or the external world seen in the form of entering a trancelike state in which the person seems to be frozen and immbolized, falling asleep, or creating a "pretend persona (happy, rich, playful, sexy) which is different from the more troubled "real" person.

Out-of-body experience (OBE) is a type of detachment, as the perception of self but from a distant location; the preceiver is often experienced as floating above their detached body and sees their body as if it was that of another person (Blanke et. al., 2005). Depersonalization syndrome is a feeling of iving outside one's body and outside the world. There is a feeling of separation from the self and a sense of emptiness (Fuchs, 2005).

Compartmentalization, the other form of dissociation besides detachment, "incorporates dissociative amnesia and the 'unexplained' neurological symptoms characteristics of the conversion disorder, such as conversion paralysis, sensory loss, seizures, gait disturbance, and pseudo-hallucinations" (Holmes et. al., 2005, p. 7)

Somatization occurs when people become absorbed in, dwell on, and amplify their inner experiences to the point of exaggerating their importance. They may interpret otherwise benign sensations in the chest as a heart condition and seek medical attention. They have a tendency toward hypochondriasis. (unnecessary use or overuse of medication and medical testing) and they exhibit sympotomatic conditions like chest pain without known medical explanation.

17 June 2010

Movement to Art

(With the permission of my participant, here is a showcase of his transformation of his process from movement to art. This piece was created after his last session in an individual session after a series of workshops he has attended. Below is his reflection on the masterpiece.)

The Dancing Bodhisattva ~ 飛天観自在

A Drawing, done in colours pencils, that resulted from one of my Dance Movement Therapy sessions with my god-sis, Elizabeth.

For this, I must give credit to the magnificent masterpieces produced from Master Zeng Hao's Dun Huang Art Studio, and also to the moving sensational musical experience of the genius Japanese New Age instrumental group, S.E.N.S. Without them, I can neither have the Inspiration nor the Aspiration to conceptualise, produce and complete this Drawing!

This truly reflects my personal spiritual heritage, influences, and aspirations. I feel so deeply connected and moved in the Flow of the Spirit, and in turn, feel very much liberated and enlightened during the process of producing this reflective piece. And this is especially so since the Drawing is done and completed over the Vesak Day holiday! {chuckles!}

Notice the number of inter-cultural and inter-religious influences and inspirations this picture contains.

The most obvious ones would be the heavy Hindu-Buddhist influences reflected here - like the seemingly Shiva Nataraja pose, the White Complexion, the Blue Neck and Highlights of the Nīlakaṇṭha Lokeśvara (paying homage to the Bodhisattva of Universal Compassion, Avalokiteśvara, 觀世音菩薩 ~ hence, the Title of the Drawing!)

Others include the genderless aspect of the Bodhisattva, true to the Nature of an Enlightened Being, who can be 'All Things to All People' (in reference to St Paul's 1st Letter to the Corinthians, 9:19-23), the Insignia of the Cross in the form of a Star on the forehead, the Sacred and Enlightening Fire of the Holy Spirit (in a rather Siamese style!) for the nimbus; even the curls of the hair is inspired by St Andrey Rublev's Icon of the Holy Trinity!

See if you can identify them all, and other subtle ones too!"

8 June 2010

To my Dreams I fly, To my Passion I Embrace!

Since I returned from Singapore, it has been more than a month. During the month, I took time off to recuperate, spending couple time with Jeroen (not seeing one another for 2 months is a torture), a short trip to Germany and commenced my gardening project. I adjusted back to the weather, temperature, environment, language, culture, people and food.

The transition between Netherlands to Singapore, Singapore to Netherlands, is not just a flight of long hours and jetlag, but also the physical, emotion, mental as well as spiritual aspect of me. Often than not, there exists a mixed feelings of joy of meeting my family and friends and nervousness of the crowd, noise and pace in my homeland. This return was my longest stay of 3 months. On the whole, it was a fruitful trip, filled with challenges and healing. A precious time reconnecting with my family especially the Chinese New Year reunion dinner, and catching up with a lot of good old friends whom I've not met for many years (thanks to FB), my godmother and godchildren, and I've also made new friends too.

Upon reflection, I'm glad that I've taken the steps to promote dance/movement therapy in Singapore. It gave me a better footing and the flow by running it in my homeland. The experiences I have gained have helped me to grow in my professional field and calling. Each learning experience is valuable. I would like to thank the participants for giving me this opportunity to journey and walk with them in their personal process and growth. I'm touched by them and the greatest joy is to know that I have made a difference in their lives. Needless to say, I have my ups and downs. What I have gained is more than what I can asked for. They give me more than what I've given them. The richness to see their transformation in little ways just made my heart glow with delight. I would relate to how I nurture and observe my baby plant, with the tender loving care, right amount of water, sunlight, fertilizer, touch, sometimes near to check on it, sometime at a distance when it's raining, and watch it blossom on its own to a beautiful vegetable, flower or fruit. Each is special and unique in its own way. It's a blessings and a gift to be able to be involved and to be a part in it.

It was a great start and gave me the confidence to move on. However, nearing the days to return to Netherlands has in fact created some anxiety in me. I recognised it and there's this resistance of not wanting to return even though I miss Jeroen. I reflected and discovered that I've to face another challenge of having to set up my private practice in Netherlands. Though I've been staying there for coming to 5 years, I'm still very unfamiliar with the system and also the feeling that I'm at a losing end. The language is still a great barrier and an obstacles that I am still struggling with. I had a good talk with Jeroen over the phone and sort out my feelings before I headed back, my second home. I listen to myself by taking time off, doing some reflection, enjoying the things I love to do before I continue my plans for the future. The process of embody my feelings and giving myself time and space led me to answers on what to do next.

I'm once again energised, inspired, excited about my passion and dreams not only as a therapist but as a writer. The positive energy is a stepping stone to continue and fulfil my desired dreams. I have a good talk and discussion with Jeroen about my dream, his dream, our dreams and plans. We just take one step at a time and work towards our goals and when we need to adjust when something crops up, we move accordingly. I thank Jeroen for his support and encouragement and for always believing in me.

To be on the practical side, I'm going to list down the things to do, what I want to do, and set priority to achieve it. Not forgetting, to allow time, space, to grow, to breathe, to enjoy, and a balance in every aspects of life, taking into account by listening to my body, emotion, mind and spirit.

I'm ready to fight the good fight, be refined in the fire, with faith and trust in God, He will bring me to a greater height with His wisdom, guidance and love, where ever He wants, I will follow Him. ; )

7 June 2010

Article on Dance/Movement Therapy in the Asian Journal of Naturopathic Phytomedicine

I was honoured to be featured in the first issue of Asian Journal of Naturopathic Phytomedicine, founded by Sebastian Liew, a doctor of naturopath, medical herbalist. An article on the introduction of dance/movement therapy is being written in the journal.

Second issue of Asian Journal of Naturopathic Phytomedicine is out. An article on 'Is Fear a blessing or a curse?' is in this issue.

To view the sample of the journal, you can click on the link here. 

To subscribe to the journal, you can visit the website, Leaf2Life.

Interview by Parenthots

I was approached and being interviewed by Brigitte Rozario from Parenthots on "Leadership Courses: Necessary or Waste of Money?" The interviewed can be read at their website. Thank you Brigitte for the interview and sharing my views with the parents.
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