13 May 2014

Interview with Mum

Rasilah (R) has attended Embodied Movement ‘Sharing Dance with your Child” Thaqif in 2011 and continued with “Move in Art Jam” and "Movin’Tales" after for three years. She also did a private “Embody with your Body and Baby” session with her unborn baby in her womb and now Tisha is 5 months since.

Thank you Rasilah for sharing and supporting Embodied Movement programme.  Witnessing the growth of Thaqif and Tisha is a great joy and to support Rasilah by empowering her with tools to further deepen her bonding and connection with both her children is such an honor.  

Sharing Dance with your Child

E: What draws you to attend Embodied Movement programme?

R: Elizabeth has shared with me about the programme and I think it is a good programme for my boy to attend. It is a total new experience as I don’t think we have such programme here in Singapore.

E: What struck you most in the session “Sharing Dance with your Child” with Thaqif?

R: Initially I followed his move to get to understand his body language and later through the session I realised he is able to follow my moves too thus this help us to understand each other's body language.


E: What have you observed in Thaqif in the “Movin’ Tales” sessions?

R: He is able to listen and follow instruction during the sessions.

E: What has benefited you and Thaqif in the session?

R: This session made me realise that instruction doesn’t have to be always come from parent. We need to give the child the space to voice out their opinion too. I cultivate the two-way communication through observing the communication between Elizabeth and my child, Thaqif.  I can see the improvement in our bonding & understand one another as we listen to each other.

Embody with your Body and Baby

E: How has the session dancing and attuning with your unborn baby been?

R: This programme was just MAGIC!! I would strongly recommend it to mum-to-be. It’s just speechless to learn that I am able to communicate with the unborn and how beautiful it was when my unborn child responded to me.

E: Was the first pregnancy different from the second pregnancy? How is it so? How has the private session support you in the pregnancy process?

R: Yes. It was totally different. During my first pregnancy, I usually acknowledge my unborn whenever the child ‘kicks’ but after I attended this session and learned few patterns/technique of attuning to the unborn child, I no longer wait for the unborn to give me the  ‘kick’ but everytime I attune to the same rhythm, my unborn will responded with the same attuned pattern.  Miracle!!! Attuning to my unborn has become a regular routine throughout my pregnancy.

E: What happened right after Tisha was born? What took place in your connection with Tisha? How did Tisha respond to you? How did you respond to Tisha?

R: I am surprise that the very first time I held her in my arms, I felt that there was no ‘introduction’ needed between us. It seems that we had known each other & understand each other. I gave her the first attuned pattern on her arms and she responded by wriggling her body. I tested out if my first attuning was just a coincidence but as I continue with the attuning for the next 2 months, she never fails to give me her response.

E: Does the " Embody with your Body and Baby" make a difference in your bonding with Tisha?

R: Definitely. As we had an active communication since she was in the womb, we adapt to each other well and the bonding we had was almost instantly, breastfeeding was totally a breeze, even the lactation nurse was surprised on how hassle-free was my first breastfeeding session, Tisha just latched naturally.


* Elizabeth holds her Embodied Movement programmes both in Netherlands and Singapore, even in Malaysia.  Her schedule of her program, training, workshops and courses are on her website "Embodied Movement'.  Request for special individual private session or therapy can also be arranged.  Just frop Elizabeth a note on Contact Us
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