2 December 2011

Feedback - Workshop/Session Nov 2011

I liked the dancing I did with my mother.
~ sharing by a child in Sharing Dance with your Child.

We had fun and Charlotte enjoyed the freedom of movement. ~ sharing by a mother in Sharing Dance with your Child

We had a great time. Thanks a lot ~ from a mother in Sharing Dance with your Child.

'Liz, you open me up to allow Qif to be messy, dirty.. Explore & express himself which always a NO NO for me to get him down dirty.. Hope he no longer tip toe when he walks at grandma's kitchen cos he feels it's dirty... I will definitely look forward to your upcoming programe. – a mother in Move in Art Jam for Children

I enjoyed the Move in Art Jam session, especially as it allowed me to be completely relaxed, without thinking of any of the usual staff I’m involved in my work.
I also find it’s a good way to connect to our body and just enjoy. – Move in Art Jam for Adults

I'm so grateful for yesterday's experience with you. Everything was meaningful. We enjoy it and went back with "embroidery of beautiful moment" in our heart. ~ Sharing by mother, Move in Art jam Parent & Child special session

We had an enjoyable time, and I learnt quite some things too. ~ Intro to DMT

Thank you so much too. It's been very educational even for me personally. ~ Intro to DMT

Thanks Elizabeth for the workshop, I had fun! ~ Moving The Rhythm 

It was an educational experience and good to explore and understand more of myself. Now I have an additional tool to look at people with, fascinating.~ Moving the Rhythm
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