23 March 2010

Connected As One Workshop Feedback

"The workshop was fun and bonding for us. It allowed me and my partner to be more aware of ourselves and to discover more of the other in a non-threatening approach. I would recommend it to any couple who wants to enhance their relationship and understanding of each other." ~ M & J

21 March 2010

Talk & Performance

Feedback on Talk & Performance 20 February 2010
Performance is entitled, "I, Me & Myself: A Personal Journey & Process As A Person, As A Therapist"
~ As a child
~ As a youth/adult
~ 2005
~ As a student in dance therapy training
~ As a dance therapist


"Before the Talk & Performance, I had little idea of what Dance & Movement is all about. I came more to see you (after you've been away for so long) and to find out what you have been up to doing this Embodied Movement stuff... You gave a pretty concise introduction of what Dance & Movement is about and your personal experience of doing that to help people. I found it a rather interesting sharing even though I am not really drawn to doing it myself yet. At least now I know what it is and how it can help people in all walks of life to be more aware, more relax, more in-tune, etc.

The performance segment was an eye-opener as it was the first time I saw you in action on your own (I've seen you dance in a group before) and especially it was telling the story of your own life and growth, giving me new insights to understand you better, even after knowing you all these years. The selection of music and the impromptu & powerful movements that flowed so well made an impact to me as a member of the audience. It was indeed a new and refreshing experience to me.
--- John :) 

"I find it very refreshing and your talk gives me a new perspective of looking into oneself without feeling awkward. Often times we are so self conscious that we hold back. Watching you free yourself is so liberating. That gave me a good feeling of a bodily experience. Thank you for raising that awareness in me. " 
~A Poh

16 March 2010

Showcase of Art Work In Embodied Self-Awareness

The participants in the workshop shared their life stories based on their feet in verbal,  followed by expressing it in art and then explored it movement. The art is part of the process of their life journey. It's a pity that I did not have a video and camera with me at that time. It would so great to capture the essence of their journey. Each has shared a  deep and beautiful insight of their journey in art and movement. I feel honoured and privileged to be let into their personal life stories and to be their facilitator. I thank the participants for allowing me to share their art pieces in my website/blog.

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