9 September 2013

10th September

Dance for the love
Dance to what you feel
Dance to every swirl

Dance for the love
Dance even when you feel pain
Dance knowing all will be well

Dance for love
Dance under the sun or rain

Dance for love
Dance with words to say
Dance all day

Dance for love
Dance when you leave
Dance and still believe that is life
is so sweet

Dance for love and dance until you think you have enough
~ Lilly De Vries

Thank you Lilly for the sweet card and poem on 'Dance'! <3
Thank you to my family in-laws for their lovely cards! <3
Thank you family and friends for your well-wishes, support and encouragement all these years! <3

After freelancing for three years, this year birthday not only marked my birth but also officially put a stamp on my practice and company "Embodied Movement" (EM). I am both the founder and director running full swing owning my business today. I registered myself in KVK! 
I launch EM on the day I was born, 

<3 Let us keep DANCING! <3 

Love, hugs & blessings,
Elizabeth & Jeroen Rutten

4 September 2013

Authentic Movement

Active imagination is based on the natural, healing function of the imagination, which tends to take us directly to, and eventually through, the emotional core of one complexes. 
~ Joan Chodorow, Authentic Movement, p.301

Embodied Movement is offering "Authentic Movement - Back to Base" workshop both in Netherlands in September; November and December in Singapore. Visit Embodied Movement Website.  Read our feedback from our participants in our blog and facebook page.
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