20 October 2014

Bonding with your Baby - Netherlands 2014

Little Sammi!

 Thank you Abby for your sharing on our Embodied Movement programme "Bonding with your Baby"
(3 - 10 months old).  Abby attended 2 sessions of our class in October 2014 with her husband and her little girl, Sammi.  I am always moved when I witnessed family bonding together in my programme.  Below is her sharing. 

"My daughter of 7 months old is very different from my first child as she has reflux so badly that she was hospitalized six times in her first six months. Due to the stress we got from it and in particularly the food aversion, we were very glad to have found such baby bonding class. It is not a class that you take and you walk out as a complete different person. It is a class that we as parents learn more on how to decode our baby, going with her flow and giving her what she needs. We have found the massage technique very useful as we really noticed our baby enjoying it and relaxing from it. Also my holding the baby swinging with her while my husband stands behind me swinging along really gives us a good bonding time. We are definitely undo-ing the stressful time and catching up on it. Thanks Elizabeth for the nice class. Really enjoyed it." ~ Abby Lin-Ho

I am holding new classes next year in January 2015.  I am travelling back to Singapore and will only be back in mid-January.  Interested in our programme, email to dancetherapy.kmp@gmail.com to be updated in our mailing list or visit our website Embodied Movement.  New dates and timing will be out soon as I am managing all the work by myself. Thank you for your patience.  

Check our workshops too in Singapore for November & December!

Shalom, Elizabeth <3
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