19 December 2013

Sharing 2013 Singapore

 Moving The Rhythm Workshop

This short and informative workshop allowed me to experiment with various actions through which I found my most comfortable movement, as illustrated by this strain / release symbol I drew after the experience.
The centre shows being in a tensed up position whilst the spokes shows the release of energy as I did the strain / release action.

Thank you for the enjoyable and fun experience. ~ Wendy

Moving The Rhythm & Authentic Movement Workshops

Thanks... I'm delighted to join the workshops...

I would like to express that, the workshops have brought up my passion again on music...
~ Janet  

Dear Elizabeth, 
I had 2 wonderful sessions, they were very meaningful for me. I would like to thank you sincerely with my heart.
"I love all the movements. They make me feel alive, and in touched with myself.  It makes me "real".  All movements relate to me in different way.  It is almost like an awakening moment for me. This big part of me has been sleeping all these while." ~ Klaire

To read more on Moving the Rhythm, just click on the title. 

Talk on Dance Movement Therapy at DSA for Parents
I am glad I attended the talk by Ms Elizabeth Rutten - Ng because I learnt how valuable is dance movement therapy for everyone and not just our special kids. I had been excited to discover how it works well for non - verbal clients but I understand now how it benefits even the chattiest person.

During our practical, we were told not to talk but enter into the music and the movements. It really deepened our experience when we were not talking or using our minds. This therapy is therefore ideal for non -verbal clients because the therapist does not rely on the client expressing himself but from her own observations of his body and movements.

Our bodies are the storehouses of our experiences, thoughts, emotions etc and never lie. As our mind influences our body, the reverse is also true and the therapist working through the body can effect healing of past experiences and also bring about desirable changes to the brain.

Since this therapy does not require verbal communication from the client it has a great advantage over many other therapies and provides a tool to understand and help any client. ~ Anne

Interested in our workshops? Like to be updated both in Netherlands and Singapore, drop an email at dancetherapy.kmp@gmail.com or visit Embodied Movement website. 
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