26 January 2015

4 Women- 3 Rs Rediscover, Revitalise, Reconnect - Our Womanhood 2015

Thank you to the two beautiful women who shared their journey and permission to put up their art in EM blog. 

"Moving the Rhythm" workshop is going to be held on 1 March (to be confirmed) in Netherlands.  Interested? Drop us an email at dancetherapy.kmp@gmail.com or visit our website Embodied Movement.

19 January 2015

A Mother's Wish Holiday Programme

Photos taken by Cheow Ping

A Mother's Wish Holiday Programme started by Choo Kah Ying, a mother whose wish for her son, Sebastien and for parents with children with Autism.  Embodied Movement is honoured to be invited to run the session with them on Dec 9 2014.  Here are some snippets of photos taken by Cheow Ping, a great friend of Kah Ying.

1 January 2015

Blessed New Year!

May the New Year filled your life and loved ones with 
Tree of Life, fruits of peace, love, hope & joy in your heart!

Thank you for supporting Embodied Movement.

Looking forward to be of service to you again in 2015.

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