28 March 2012

Journal of a Dance Therapist

This painting is done by Daryl Toy.
Waking up,
to the sound of silence.

Listening - 
birds chirping 
in the air.

The song of birds
resonates my soul.

Sensing the inner peace
abides deep within.

Listening -
moments of silence.

As each breath
flowing through,
a tingling of warmness.

My heart sings a song of gladness,
as my heartbeat echoes -
I am fully alive!
~ Elizabeth Rutten-Ng

15 March 2012

Project Leaf To Life Nepal Updates

Dear Friends,

Sebastian Liew has posted updates about the trip to Nepal.
All the contribution collected from the Introduction to Dance Therapy in Singapore 2011 were donated to this cause.

Thank you for your kind contribution and for sharing your love.


Photo taken by my sister, Siew Cheng, who is one of the volunteers. Copyright.

Project leaf to life is a humanitarian project that is entirely supported and self-funded by a team of like-minded volunteers who wish to help support needy children in Nepal. Our last trip was in December 2011. 

Friendship, perpetual joyful spirit of the children and the hospitality of the people in Nepal have been deeply moving. 
We are looking for volunteer teachers who can station in Shanti Rani school to teach English for a period of 3 to 6 months
Our next trip will be in the 1st week of September 2012.   

Kindly forward this attachment to your friends and to all who had donated their resources or contributed in one way or another to this project.    

If you would like to help or learn more about the Project, contact us or call our project coordinator
Mr Ann Wee Kuang at +65- 90214113 

Your kind contribution is deeply appreciated.   

NAMASTE, Thank you very much for your support and contribution.    

Click to find out more and watch our beautiful video and power point presentation created by our volunteers.

Visit the website, Project leaf to life .
Sebastian Liew, ND, MNHAA
(Australia registered)
Medical Herbalist, Naturopath
195, Pearl's Hill Terrace, #02-09
Tel: 65-65389978, Singapore  168976
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