19 April 2011

Testimony from a client

Releasing Emotions & Physical Ailments Disappear

Since the time my baby was born, I was plagued by consistent blocked milk ducts (in the breasts) and on several occasions they lead to complications eg infection and inflammation. When my baby was 6 wks old, I had to go for I&D (incision and drainage) surgery because one of the blockages developed into a very deep abscess. The blockages would recurr almost weekly and I barely had any relief from the pain and discomfort even when my baby was over a year old. Ginny Phang, a doula from Four Trimesters, will recall how frequently I called upon her for help. I had therapy with Elizabeth during which we worked through a series of emotional traumas that occurred from the time I was 9 years old. Since the therapy, the blocked ducts stopped and never recurred. In the past year, I probably had it once or twice (instead of the weekly occurances) and this is sometimes due to stress, fatigue or reduced immunity. I certainly do not think that this is a coincidence. The emotions have a connection with the physical ailments. ~ C.
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