14 November 2017

My deepest greatest joy is to witness my client shine! - Testimony!

Sanne is a very talented costume designer. What she is wearing is her own design and made the dress herself from scratch.

Name: Sanne Hazemeijer
Age: 33
Job: costume designer

My journey with Elizabeth, finding my inner child and so much more along the way
I felt like I wasn't helped in many years of seeing many different doctors. A doctor just looks at one thing, a psychologist at only one trauma. No one looked at me like a whole person, with feelings, a history and some physical difficulties. I felt like no one actually listened. That is when I started looking for dance therapy, because I was struggling with the fact I couldn't dance anymore due to rheumatism. I found someone and she redirected me to Elizabeth. I e-mailed her my story and thus our journey began. And for the first time, I felt like a person. A person that was worth listening to. She spoke to me about different things and she showed me how to claim back my personal space, she showed some really good insights on personal relationships. She helped me with several trauma's and some turned out to be rooted in my childhood. I went back to those moments, observed things and she made me translate this into movement. It really helped. Working with Liz also showed me to take better care of myself. To love myself. She gave me a strong base, I healed some hurts and I am so much more confident and aware of my own body, what I can and what I can't do. No doctor or psychologist has been able to do that for me and so I am very, very thankful for meeting Elizabeth. It is an amazing journey, I found my inner child again, healed some hurts, love myself more, accepted some things and the most beautiful thing of all; I found a friend.  I can't wait to see what this journey will bring in the future!

* Thank you Sanne for sharing your testimony! I witness how she heals and flourishes in her growth and talent. From not being able to work to run her own business with her friend and she is very creative and find joy in what she does. I've journey with her since 2014 and grateful she entrusted me to journey with her. ~ Elizabeth 

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