17 August 2010


 'When I look, I am seen, So I exist.' 
~ Winnicott, 1971/1982,  p.114

Be it a baby, a child or an adult, in the therapeutic settings, as dance/movement therapists, we validate our clients, not only verbally, but also, non-verbally, in movement. It's important that they're being acknowledged, validated, to say, 'We understand, we hear you, you're seen, you exist.' It does not have to take place only in a therapy room, but as well as in our daily life, we can do likewise to our loved ones, family members, friends, colleagues and even a stranger in the street with a smile. Often the hearts glow and their face brighten up. Watch this video on 'Validation' and I'm sure every one of us recognises it in us that we would like to be validated. If you can, give someone today, even your pet, the validation of love.

Winicott, Donald W. (1971/1982). Playing and Reality. New York: Taristock Publications.
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