25 March 2011

Workshops/Sessions Sharing/Testimony 2011

Embodied Self-Awareness Part 1 to 4
'Thank you so much for your guidance and introducing DMT to me and local scene, I really appreciate it. It was an eye-opener and exciting to attend the sessions with you!'
~ Cheryl Lee

'When we let go of ourselves in movement, we feel the freedom in us.' ~ James Lew as he shared in his closure in the last session. He also wrote a testimony of his experiences.

'I'm really enjoy your session as it open up another truth in unconditional acceptance.' ~ Rini, Indonesia, read her full testimony

'I really enjoyed the opportunity to relax and reconnect with my body, and feel more grounded, give my mind a break. Elizabeth facilitated the sessions very lightly and gently, encouraging us with questions instead of answers. I recommend it to anyone who wants to explore the wisdom of their body.'
~ Francesca Mitchell, 5 Rhythms teacher in Singapore, http://www.danceyourselffree.com.sg/

Move in Art Jam Session for Children
'Fun, Happy & Exciting!' 3 words shared by the children.

Feedback from parents ~
'Sofi really enjoyed herself. She even asked if she can stay for the 2nd class.' ~ Nisa
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