29 March 2011

Testimony by James

I subscribe to the belief that every physical disease is inter-linked to a person's emotions, mental make-up and spiritual well-being. Our emotion affects our physical health and conversely, our physical health or lack of physical health affects our emotion. On a basic level, our physical movements affect how we feel and how we feel also affects our movements.

 When my wife was recommended to attend Elizabeth's Dance Movement Therapy, I was intrigued and hesitant. Intrigued, because I am surprised to find a course in Singapore that teaches movement as part of the healing modalities. That is certainly an enlightened alternative healing modality! Hesitant, because like any other normal, average Singaporean, my wife and I have never danced before and we wondered whether the course is "right" for us.

 But I am glad we have attended the Dance Therapy course! The trainer, Elizabeth, is confident yet sensitive in guiding us through the 4 basic sessions. Most importantly, I find the trainer credible as she herself has gone through the journey of healing via this alternative modality. In my opinion, It is always valuable to learn from those who have actually walked through the path themselves.

From the 4 sessions, I have learned some useful and "do-able" basic movements that can be done anywhere. I have also learnt to be more conscious and be more aware of my body and its possible movement (Of course, it takes deliberate effort to be more aware). The sessions have also affirmed my belief about movement being closely related to the mind.

The most important takeaway from the 4 sessions (and including the Connected-As-One couple session) is that I have gained some new realizations about my wife. These insights occur suddenly as we move (or "dance") during the sessions. I treasure such insights.

I would highly recommend "Dance Therapy" for health seekers to broaden their repertoire of healing tools. And for couples, I would also recommend the Connected-As-One session. Finally, I would like to add that I planned, initially, to attend only one session. But after attending the first session, I have signed up for the remaining 3 sessions. This speaks well of Elizabeth's skills as a trainer!

James Lew
(Attended Embodied Self-Awareness & Connected As One)

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