15 May 2012

Clarity in the Body gives Clarity in the Mind

What does clarity mean?
How does clarity in the body be possible to give clarity in the mind?

Witnessing, observing, studying and reflection both in personal life and work, has revealed the meaning of clarity. To feel, see and experience the clarity in the body provides a clarity in the mind.

Studying and exploring developmental work such as the tension- flow rhythms in Kesternberg Movement profile (KMP), sense and perception (S&P), basic neurological patterning(BNP), primitive reflexes, righting reactions, equilibrium responses (RRR) and ontogentic incorporating with authentic movement, movement analysis and dance movement therapy, the more clarity I develop in my body, the more clarity I sense in my mind.

In my work, witnessing and observing the fragmentation of the body and in movement, the state of mind is often in confusion and the feeling is being fragmented. The sense of wholeness is not integrated and resulted in a split of body parts and disconnected body. It can leave one feeling ‘a sense of loss’.

I often witness and observe when there is a clarity in the body, the integration of the wholeness of the body and mind gradually takes place and the sense of clarity comes alive in body and mind. This occurrence is evident in my own personal life and with the clients I have worked and worked with.

Now what is this clarity then?

I will use my personal journey to illustrate it.

An approach of authentic movement is to develop the listening ‘eyes’, I would also add, listening ‘senses’.  To be in the role of a witness and mover, I learn the art of staying neutral, being objective, carrying a non-judgemental attitude and to be in the presence with self, feelings, body, images, sensations, and to be led by what my body is going to speak, giving me information of the here & now, allowing the unconscious materials to arise into the conscious level. The more I practise it, the more clarity I come to understand self.  Each carries such clear information as I explore and being with it. I like this term, ‘befriend’ which my supervisor shared.

Understanding my own movement preferences and repertoire in Laban and KMP, the clarity of what I like and not, what I do, what I find difficult and/or easy, how I move and relate to self, provide me clarity to who I am and in relation to others and the world. It is a moment of acceptance and acknowledging where I am at, past and present.

My understanding of my movement patterns have enabled me to discover and deepen the knowledge of self. With that, in creative ways, I also explored other movements which I maybe unfamiliar with, revisit areas where my body like to take me, and movements perhaps I have never been to. The process is a creative process and allowing my body to create, improvise and play.

I do struggle with areas which are difficult and taking time to find a way with the support of therapy, facilitators and supervisors during these 6 years of journey. Slowly I find this clarity  more and more in my body especially in the recent studies in RRR & Ontogentic, I feel it deep within my core being and interestingly, I feel the clarity in my mind in return.

With the sense of clarity in my body has given my mind the clarity in the process. The view of self becomes clearer.  Before that, I was confused and overloaded with too much in my head for many years.

Movement has open up my body and thus reintegrating and rewiring my mind in the process.

Clarity in the body has given clarity in the mind.

In the next sharing, I will share about polarities and modulation in our body.
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