2 November 2012

Testimony - Women's Group Retreat

 Women's Group Retreat - Womanhood - 3 Rs
*Rediscover, Revitalise, Reconnect - Our Womenhood*

* This is a small group where women from all walks of life came together in Singapore, giving oneself the time & space, a 'me' time for self. Having worked with women's groups in my internship and motivated from my own personal journey, I feel it is essential to give support to women. Thus, I initiated this group retreat in my visit to Singapore in October 2012. It is a confidential group and no photos and video were taken during the process. I am thankful that the women are willing to share their journey in my blog. Here they are:-

* To request to facilitate women's group internationally, visit www.embodied-movement.com to view our services and click on Contact Us tab.
Sharing from C:
a mother juggling a full time job and two active children with very different personalities, life is a constant blur of meeting work deadlines, managing the children's routines and keeping the house in order. Time sometimes goes by so quickly, I am always surprised to find that another year has gone by. When  I decided to attend the women's retreat, I did not know quite what to expect, other than that it would comprise of some movement and art-related activities. What happened during the retreat however, surprised me as I encountered emotions I never thought would need releasing. We were introduced to transactional analysis theory, and learnt how each of us operate at different ego-states. While I had encountered the model in the course of my work, I never had a chance to apply it to my personal life until now. When we were given time to reflect on what the "child" in us used to be like and how we could represent her, a flood of emotions came over me. At that moment, I realised that amidst the busyness of work and family, the "little girl" aspect of myself was desperately calling out to be cared for too. The tears that followed was a fantastic form of release and it came partly due to the pent-up frustrations at the frantic pace of life, but mostly because I was also grieving for the "little child" in me that had been neglected for so long. I don't usually express strong emotions outside of my family, and the fact that I did so freely during the workshop is testament to the ease I felt under Elizabeth's reassuring guidance during the session. Her unhurried facilitation and encouragement to let go and give myself time to recover helped me to feel much calmer and more recharged at the end of the retreat. More importantly, I am now more conscious of the need to give myself time and space to nurture the inner self. As life gets back on schedule and work and family demands grow, it's going to be difficult at times to remember to practise self-care, but I'm glad I got started and intend to remind myself to do so. 

Sharing from TT:
 "A momentary time travel to my childhood - a forgotten part of myself - a carefree, innocent and joyful little girl with full and free self-expressions and nary a care what others think! A sweet and liberating experience."

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