11 July 2013

Experiences on Embody your Body and Baby

Rasilah is expecting her second baby and had an individual private session ‘Embody your Body and Baby’ with me. She continues to communicate, attune and notate using KMP massage taught in the session with her unborn child in her womb. Her husband, Tahar and her first born, Qif, communicate with her unborn baby as a family at home. She gave her permission to share about her processes over a period of time.

‘Still enjoying the fun, even Qif & daddy now join me nudging our little one & she now gives much stronger response.’

‘When we give a little tap on my tummy, she will give little kicks. A soothing rub from Tahar at my back like you did on me, she will response like a 'twirling' effect.. Ooh the experience I just luv it.’

‘A total new experience for us. We didn't have this experience when I was pregnant with Qif. During Qif time, we only talks to him & wait for him to move but this time we felt we have move involvement with our little one even from my womb.’

Thank you Rasilah for sharing your beautiful journey of your interaction and connection with your little one in your womb.  May you have a smooth and safe delivery in September!

Interested in our "Embody your Body & Baby" sessions, check our September classes - Yoga by Yoia and Embody your Body & Baby by Embodied Movement.  Dates will be out soon!
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