9 January 2014

Mindfulness - Being Presence

Photo is accredited to Kevin Hoo, a friend photographer
Mindfulness is being presence with your whole entire being - mind, body, emotion, spirit within ourselves and with the outer world.

When we become mindful, we stay with the presence between self and others including the environment.

Developing mindfulness is part of self-care. Listening to our body, when we need to take a pause, when it is too much, when it is enough....

When we do that, with the mindfulness and conscious awareness of being presence, we are able to practice self-care daily.

Especially when we cultivate a mindfulness presence, with children, children sense our whole presence with them. To interact, connect, relate and sense our children, the dynamic of the relationship goes into another state and level of bonding.

It goes the same with our partner, colleagues and people we interact with.

Mindfulness is also about practising groundeness in our body especially when we may encounter unexpected crisis or situation which calls us to stay calm and able to have a clear mind to cope at hand.

I witness a reaction to an action plays a huge difference in the interaction and connection with self and others. It does creates a ripple effect on how we are with ourselves and others in any kind of situation and relationship by being mindful and consciously aware of self and outer.

The innate internal reflection holds the key to nurture a mindfulness presence.
Reflection by Elizabeth Rutten-Ng, Founder & Director of Embodied Movement. She gives workshops which touches on Mindfulness in her Embodied Awareness Programmes in using a various combination of approaches. 

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