26 December 2017

Testimony by Learner

What I appreciated most, when I took Elizabeth’s course on A Client-Centred Approach to Dance Movement for Seniors, was that she never for a moment gave me the feeling that she was just going through the motions.

There were instances during the training that I stepped into the shoes of a client seeking her help and thought to myself, “Oh, I have absolute faith in someone with this much compassion”. She projected how wonderfully exciting it is to have so much potential to change someone else’s life for the better. Elizabeth cared to maximise our opportunity to also learn from one another as peers by making us partner someone different for each activity. She provoked our thoughts and kept us on our toes. Believe me, no one was sleeping in class! I learnt (and am still learning) to pick up on the nuances in one’s actions and reactions. To be under the instruction of a person so true to her cause was indeed satisfying and inspiring.

After the course, we kept in touch and Elizabeth helped connect me to an organisation where I have been putting what I’ve learnt into practice. She still patiently guides me whenever I need help. Our initial contact had indeed thrown light on my desire to take from, and give back, on the path of love.

~ Tina, 43, Activity Facilitator / Chaperone, for the elderly and persons with dementia
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