27 May 2013

Parents' Testimony

"Through the recommendation from my son's tutor, I came to know of Dance & Movement therapy and Elizabeth. I took the opportunity to try out four sessions with Elizabeth when she was in Singapore. I was hoping to use the therapy to calm my son and improve his behaviour. To my delight, my son enjoyed attending all her sessions. The sessions allowed him to feel at ease with himself. I saw my son using his own dance movements to express his feelings, something which I had not seen him do before. He was also trying to express himself more by requesting to do writing during the short break in between his movements. By the third session, I could see even more positive results as my son was feeling more calm during the session. During the last session, I was pleasantly surprised that my son was receptive to changes when Elizabeth brilliantly led him to write on the reverse side of the drawing paper. My son had this habit of writing on only one side of the paper for years and that was the first time I saw him obediently agree to change his writing habit. I believe that my son could benefit even more from Elizabeth's sessions on a longer term basis. Unfortunately, Elizabeth is not based in Singapore and I can only look forward to her sessions again when she next visits." --- Mrs Lam, mother of a 12 year-old autistic boy

Note from author:
I work from the child's perspective in the sessions. Part of Dance Movement Psychotherapy is about looking into the lens of our clients, into their inner world.  To do that, one of the keys is by reading their nonverbal cues.  Dance Movement Therapy works in short and long term depending on the areas to be worked on in the sessions. However it is NOT a quick fixed solution to a problem.  I work on what is needed at that point of time for the child to cope with self and the environment. ~  Elizabeth Rutten-Ng


Elizabeth was introduced by a mutual friend to work with my 7-year old boy, A. He has sensory processing disorder and dyspraxia. We did two sessions with Elizabeth in May, involving A, his four year old sister B and me (A's and B's mother).

A and B loved the dance therapy sessions. B even cried when the first session ended. The dance therapy helped A and B gain confidence in their own movements and to enjoy expressing their emotions through movement. They learnt to listen to the music, to follow the rhythm of the music and appreciate the change in tempo. 

Elizabeth worked very well with A and B. She was able to establish a rapport with the two children very easily and gain their friendship. She was in touch with their inner selves and encouraged them to try new movements. The two children enjoyed the sessions very much. I would recommend her as a dance therapist for any child who needs to express their individualism through dance / movement.
L. (A and B mummy)
*names have been changed to protect privacy. 

Other Testimony
An interview with mum over our programme she has attended with her son in the last three years in a video. (Click on the word 'video' to view it.)

Thank you parents for the testimonials and permission to put them up on my blog. 

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