21 May 2013

Sharing on Authentic Movement and Moving The Rhythm

My body moved to a cradle position, and I remembered my childhood photo of myself playing with my toes.

My body seemed to remember the delight and joy, of reaching out to my toes and swinging my limbs, and rocking myself left and right.The baby was curious and playing and exploring.

There was an innate intelligence that shifted me to be on fours; after all the tugging and stretching, my limbs were strong to crawl. The baby in me willed herself to keep crawling ahead; there was such a strong will to move, to expand my space boundaries. It was a fearless, independent spiritual will.

Sometimes, I sat and rested; sometimes, I paused and checked my steps; sometimes, I crawled in circles. In whatever ways I moved, I was never tired of exploring, being curious. There was not a moment of stagnancy; but full of aliveness, in rest and in movement. The movements naturally trained my body enough for the next milestone: to pull myself up and stand.

In this 20-min segment of Authentic Movement as a mover, I relearned the spiritual lessons of infancy. It was humbling and inspiring.

In all ordeals, there is a divine natural timing to our growth; our responsibility is to keep growing and learning anew in each encounter. We meet different kinds of rhythms in life and in our relationships, and they help us discover our indomitable spirit to transform, to move on, to be patient and keep practising until we get it! 

~ Goh Yee Ling, facilitator of Inner Work, attended the workshop 'Moving the Rhythm' and 'Authentic Movement - Back to Base' in Singapore 2013
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