14 May 2013


One of the participants who has been attending my workshops/sessions since 2011. This is the recent workshop, collaborated with Vincent Yong, Danspire in Singapore 2013, 'About Contact Improvisation and Dance Therapy'.

The testimony:
Saturday's workshop was very good for me...i saw myself more, the other facet of me. I knew the theory, i read a lot, i experienced in my team, yet - that one with you and Vincent is more than an insight - it was also a "doing what i am" and "conscious of my being". there are here and now experience that aligning all the theory and understanding with the act.

But i still need to learn more on the process. Yesterday i learn about my being in my group, experimenting something (and with unconditional positive regards!! THANKS!). But i also notice that the center of my thought is still on "me"..my process, etc. I have not really go beyond myself - to think and reaching others, with true love and caring. Maybe it will go along the process..hopefully....

Every moment with you - was able to draw me deeper into myself. Thank you so much. Maybe i can share with you, what has become my wish. i want to learn to love. it is the most difficult thing to do. well...what is life all about if i don't take a chance to move further.

Ms Elizabeth, there are no words can express how thankful i am ...to meet you in this journey. i knew there are no coincidence in life. it is by choice. and in 2011 when i found you, i was at the bottom of the sea, lost in the deep blue sea - don't know what to do or even who am I and what is my life purpose. But i knew - i want to serve HIM - that is my one and only reason - up to this time. so, it was also the reason that saved me from depression in 2008 -2010.

in 2011 I prayed for God to help me reconstruct my self - but i started with nothing - no real job - no money - no friend - no direction. Then i found you. Before that, i also asked God a plea, one thing i want at the end of my life : i want to dance again. I don't know why , but when i dance, i can cry ..though i am crying because of i am happy.

Amazingly, 2011 onwards, God change my life, my entire life - and the Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) become my "retreat" beside of my spiritual moment with Him. So, that's why i always cherish the day when i got there.

Thank you and thank you...I'll see you when i see you again....God bless you!

~ R. flew from Indonesia since 2011 to Singapore to attend my workshops/sessions
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